The good, the bad, the ugly

The good, the bad, the ugly

While the Canadian flag isn't really related to this posting, we are proud East Coast Canadians and like to show it every once in a while!

Buying and selling used makes perfect sense. You get a better price, give the item a new life, and can even re-sell it once you are done with it, often times for the same price you paid. We get a greener planet as a result, and bonus – a fatter bank account.

Having an item shipped thousands of miles before it makes it to our doorstep creates needles pollution and congestion (both air and road traffic). Especially when it can be sourced from our own neighborhoods.Failed delivery attempts and returns only compound the problem, along with lost and damaged goods.

Buying new and shipped to our door is certainly convenient and has it's place, It should just be kept to a minimum whenever possible.

Unfortunately, these transactions have traditionally had significant downfalls. Selling online has far too many “Is it still available” and “do you deliver” requests (adding “if the ad is still up, item is still available” and “no deliveries” to your listing doesn’t seem to help), followed by ghosted replies. No-shows are almost the norm and getting low-balled is a regular activity. There are the scheduling conflicts, security aspects, and much wasted time and frustrations.

Security is a real concern. A quick online search reveals the following articles:

SpreeSpot is an online classifieds marketplace, where users can buy and sell their items in a secure, convenient, and hassle free way. No more Shipping, meetups with strangers, missed deliveries, wasted fuel driving all over the city, and no more scams.

Through us, marketplace transactions are:

  • Quick
  • Easy
  • Convenient
  • Secure
  • Worth the effort

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