Busy Moncton area mom sells through Spreespot

Busy Moncton area mom sells through Spreespot

Memramcook local Mireille is seen dropping off a book she recently sold through Spreespot. Mireille was one of the first people to list her items on Spreespot and sees big advantages to the service. "Seeing as how we live outside the city, I find it's even more difficult to try and sell items through the other methods. Buyers don't want to drive 15 minutes outside the city to pick up a $20 item."

As a working mom of two boys, she is always on the go. "My husband and I both work and with both kids in school and doing activities, it seems I am always running around. While I really don't like having strangers over at the house, I also don't want to be wasting the little free time I actually do have. I have quite a few items I am listing for sale and I hope others will do the same as I will then be able to buy without having do drive all over the place and going to stranger's homes!"

We asked Mireille, now that she had listed and sold though Spreespot, what she thought of the experience. "I sold this book and just dropped it off on my way home from work. No stress, no waiting at home for strangers that may never show up, and when they do it's normally late and sometimes a little uncomfortable. This definitely works for me."

Spreespot is a marketplace built for honest people, by honest people. This is why we guarantee on site purchases. If the item is misrepresented in any way, the buyer gets their money back. We make used good transactions:

  • Quick
  • Safe 
  • Secure
  • Convenient

Mireille has chosen Amirault Variety (located at 970 Amirault st. in Dieppe) as her preferred drop off point I just drop it off on my way to or from work. James King, who migrated from Korea, and is now the owner of Amirault Variety also likes the idea. "This is a good idea that promotes local business and recycling." James, who is busy learning the english language, also keeps active in the surrounding small business community. He greatly appreciates his customers and hopes his being a part of the Spreespot network will keep them happy and coming back. As we were talking to James, Amirault variety employee Jean spoke "up I don't have to have anyone over at my house, or go to their house... I like it!"

 We take great pride when we hear the positive feedback from people like Mireille and look forward to lots more. 

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