About Us

Our Mission

We are passionate about making local sales as CONVENIENT and SECURE as humanly possible. Existing methods are too cumbersome, time consuming, and come with too high a personal security risk. By making local transactions quick and simple, we seek to empower our users and extend the lifecycle of their goods. This in turn will reduce pollution and make the planet greener.



How are we different?


We provide instant online payments along with temporary in-store storage that is provided by our local partner locations. Buyers make their purchase, sellers drop off the items, and the buyers then pick up at their convenience. No more dealing with strangers, no shows, or tire kickers. No more lost time, need to schedule meetups, rushing across town, meeting in well lit areas in fear of personal security, or carrying a pocket full of cash.

The sales are guaranteed and done through a secure network. Imagine being able to buy 10 items from 10 diffent people, then picking them all up in one location! Convenient? We sure think so!


Check out the explainer video kevin made!



Where did the idea come from?


In August of 2018 Jason and Dawn (two of Spreespot's founders) decided to sell a few items they had hanging around gathering dust. It proved to be a nightmare!


Having used Kijiji in the past (however not for quite some time), that was the first stop. From memory, people were mostly respectful, friendly, and had followed through with promises... this time around proved to be very different. Many people sent messages asking the same question over and over again (even when the answers were listed in the item description), then never replying back. Many offered ¼ of the already low asking price, asked for deliveries, and sent scam offers about cashing their inheritance checks. The amount of lost time compounded even more when 3 of the people who said they were coming over never showed up.

Overall, this proved to be more hassle than it was worth, so the listings were promptly removed.


Next up came Ebay. Having never sold through Ebay in the past, this was a first time experience. Fees seemed to be somewhat difficult to figure out as different categories have different fees, there are insertion fees, final value fees, and then there is an additional fee when money is withdrawn from the paypal account. Having figured out our total cost would be about 15% total (these fees also apply to shipping costs), it was worth a try. Shipping costs were high, however this was better than the alternative.

The first few sales went well, and then... A notification was received from ebay that one of the listed items had been sold, the item was packed and shipped it right away. The next day, ebay sent an email that the account used to make the purchase had been compromised and that the item should not be shipped. Even though they acknowledged their own security had been breached and the account used to make the purchase was compromised, they would not help out instead pointed to paypal buyer protection. Unfortunately through an oversight, tracking was not purchased when the item was shipped, therefore papal protection did not apply (even through ebay admitted the account was compromised).

Then, a few weeks later, even though ebay had stated everything would be taken care of on the transaction end, paypal issued a $20 chargeback from a credit card dispute. So in the end, the total loss was a $20 chargeback, $22 shipping fee, and $70 for the item sold, for a grand total of a $112 loss.

The ebay experience was unpleasant and proved not worth the effort and hassle.

Purchasing through kijiji

Having given up on selling through the available solutions, kijiji was used to make some local purchases.

Five items worth buying were found. After considerable effort with the scheduling of meetups and driving all over the city to pick up the items, only 3 of the 5 items ended up being purchased. One of the items was sold to another buyer before arrival (the seller had agreet to a meeting time and not only sold it to someone else first, however never bothered to send a message. When confronted, the answere was that dealing with kijiji people was a pain, so first come first serve). Another item was broken and the pictures were taken so it could not be seen. A total of about 2 hours was spent, along with significant amounts of fuel. All to gather 3 items! In the end, the savings were definitely not worth the effort.


There has to be a better way!

With today's technology, how was it possible to not have access to a better solution?

After some brainstorming, the idea was born. By having a network of pickup/drop off points across the city to facilitate the transactions, along with a secure online payment system, transactions could be secure, safe, convenient, and quick.

Anyone willing to lend an ear was approched to ask for their opinions. The majority of people agreed that existing methods are no longer worth the effort and they were looking forward to such a solution. We were on to something!

Ever since the team has been working hard on our solution and will continue to do so. Our goal is to make used goods transactions as CONVENIENT and SECURE as possible.

Have more questions? Be sure to check out our FAQ Pages:

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