About Us

Our Mission

We are passionate about making local sales as CONVENIENT and SECURE as humanly possible. Existing methods are too cumbersome, time consuming, and come with too high a personal security risk. By making local transactions quick and simple, we seek to empower our users and extend the lifecycle of their goods. This in turn will reduce pollution and make the planet greener.



How are we different?



We provide instant online payments along with temporary in-store storage that is provided by our local partner locations. Buyers make their purchase, sellers drop off the items, and the buyers then pick up at their convenience. No more dealing with strangers, no shows, or tire kickers. No more lost time, need to schedule meetups, rushing across town, meeting in well lit areas in fear of personal security, or carrying a pocket full of cash.

The sales are guaranteed and done through a secure network. Imagine being able to buy 10 items from 10 diffent people, then picking them all up in one location! Convenient? We sure think so!


Check out the explainer video kevin made!


Have more questions? Be sure to check out our FAQ Pages:

Buyer FAQ        Seller FAQ