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15 Adorable Cloth Diapers total.  2 - Blueberry plush minky pocket diapers, 6 - Omaiki all-in-one diapers & 9 - Omaiki 2 pocket diapers. 

These cute cloth diapers were an awesome investment for our family.  You end up saving money in the long run, and more importantly, the environment! They are easy to assemble and do really well in the washing machine.  The Omaiki soap I used in my HE Washer only requires you to use a bottle cap of soap for a load of diapers and believe me that's all you need to get them really clean. My little ones really liked the Blueberry plush diapers (extremely soft and comfortable), I used these at night - they seem more absorbent for long durations.  Also a little trick I learned, if your little one stains the inside of the diaper just hang to dry outside in the sun and it bleaches the stain away.   Comes with extra inserts and Omaiki laundry soap (just a tiny bit left).

Buying these brand new, prices range from $15 - $30 each diaper depending on the style and make.  The mini snap inserts cost $7.oo +tax & shipping.  The Blueberry minky ones are very rare and sought after.   All you need to know about these cloth diapers is listed below.  

All In One Diaper (also known as an AIO): This is the diaper that‘s just about as easy to use as a disposable diaper in that it’s a one-piece design that includes all the components such as a waterproof exterior, elastic around the waist and the legs, the absorbent layer, and a fastening system.

This is the simplest, easiest and most convenient system of cloth diapering. They are great for if you’re going to have babysitters, grandparents or dads changing the diapers, and especially if you will be having your baby in daycares.

Pocket Diapers: This is a 2-part system that involves stuffing the absorbent layer, otherwise called an insert, inside a pocket opening of the diaper that is composed of a lining fabric and a waterproof outer layer with elasticated waist and legs and its own fasteners.

Now you may ask why would you want to do that? Well, the biggest reason is for thorough cleaning and faster drying. Pocket diapers dry super fast. And if you don’t mind taking the extra few seconds to stuff them, they’re just as convenient as all in one diapers.


• Perfect fit and flawless cut
• One size (8-35 lb)
• Four height adjustments to grow with your child
• Omaïki’s innovative design allows you to increase or reduce absorbency, depending on the age of your child, without affecting comfort or drying time.
• The detachable insert can be replaced by the Ö.Mega Booster for older children and heavy wetters.
• Double row of snaps at the belly and overlap for newborns
• The outer shell is made of soft, breathable, waterproof fabric (PUL).
• The absorbent part (bamboo viscose and organic cotton) is topped with a polyester stay-dry fabric that protects the baby’s bottom from moisture.
• The diaper has three levels of absorbency: the bottom layer of the diaper, the sewn-in layer and the detachable mini-insert.
• The detachable mini-insert can be removed for newborns. We recommend you to put it back in the diaper at about 4-6 weeks.
• Superior quality components for greater durability
• Store dry between washes.
• Washer/dryer
• Use a soap recommended for reusable diapers

15 Cloth Diapers - Save $$ and the environment!

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